Caño Negro From: $64.00 p/p

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Caño Negro area of protection of wetlands and wildlife, you\’ll never be more close to nature in La Fortuna de san carlos volcan arenal

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The Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge is considered one of the richest sites in the continent for the observation of birds. Beside an abundance of birds, Caño Negro is also refuge of many other animals like: sloths, three types of monkeys, caimans, lizards, bats, and anative flora of the wet land.

Our tour to this beautiful region, leaves from La Fortuna, driving for about an hour and a half until Los Chiles, which is a rustic town that meets to only five kilometers of the border of Nicaragua, it is here where we take the boat down to Río Frío for about three hours. From the beginning of the trip, our professional guide will explain each one of the plantations that we will see on the way, as well as the flora and fauna of the region.

The Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge is considered one of the richest sites in the continent for the observation of birds. Set near the Nicaraguan border in a marshy, jungle-like area, the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is one of the most difficult places to independently visit in Costa Rica. It is set in a remote area of the country and is often submerged in water from flooded rivers. Along the shores of the river and in the trees that bend over its waters, visitors will be able to spot birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. There are howler, spider and white-faced monkeys, three-toed sloth, caimans, turtles, and even Jesus Christ Lizards. Keep your eyes on the river, too – there’s the chance of spotting the fin of a freshwater shark as it slices above the water’s surface. A 1-½ hour drive to Los Chiles (a village only 4 km from the Nicaraguan border) ensues. Guests are required to have a copy of their passport on hand, as the tour begins near a checkpoint with the Nicaraguan border.

Once guests arrive at Los Chiles they will board a boat and begin the tour. The tour consists of a four-hour floating safari through tropical rainforest, pastures, and marshland.  An experienced, bilingual guide leads the tour, teaching tour takers about the ecological history of the area and spotting various animals.

This tour includes: lunch, with some of the sweetest Costa Rican fruits, soda, juice, bottled water, cookies

What to take: Confortable clothing and shoes, a good camera to catch everything on its path, insect repellent, and if it is sunny you will need some good sun screen, if you have a backpack to put any objects inside so it won’t bother you on your tour than take it for your own good… You will enjoy this tour with the family


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